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AST Suspension, 5200 Series - Toyota GT86


AST Suspension 5200 Series (2-way)


The 5200 Series coilover kit utilises our inverted damper technology. This technology is proven to produce an extremely strong damper, providing better suspension geometry under heavy lateral and braking loads as seen in a road and track environment.


With the 5200 Series suspension you can adjust rebound with one knob (range of 12 positions), with an alternate knob for compression (range of 12 positions) on a remote reservoir. Unlike other 2 way dampers, the inverted system with remote reservoir offers a truly separate adjustment of compression and rebound. Whilst the adjust platform allows you to adjust the ride height of your car. AST Suspension shock bodies are designed to keep maximum stroke, even with a lower ride height.


How a Monotube design works?


Monotube design is essential for performance; the oil and nitrogen are separated by a floating piston, and allows the use of a larger piston, increasing the damper performance and sensitivity felt by the driver, all this added together produces more grip, gives more control and driver feedback from your vehicle. The 5200 Series shock absorbers give your car a better performance than the standard twin tube design.


What is a rebound adjustment?


Rebound controls the rate of extension of your shock absorber from a compressed state.


What is a compression adjustment?


Compression controls the rate of depression of your shock absorber. This is often referred to as “bump”.


Technical specifications:


  • Rebound and Compression adjustable, with a remote reservoir.
  • Remote reservoirs allow additional travel, heat dissipation and increased oil/ nitrogen gas capacity.
  • 44.5mm diameter shaft struts, inverted. 
  • Aluminum cylinder, threaded body shocks, factory mounting style.
  • New low friction seal on all AST dampings.
  • Spherical lower ''eye'' shock mounts.
  • Reservoir with hose or piggyback (piggyback examples: '08 STI & BMW E36 rears).
  • Spherical upper shock mount assemblies.
  • Synthetic hydraulic fluid.
  • Optional DLC Coated shafts.
  • Optional DDP piston (double digressive).
  • Rebuildable.
  • Optional custom valving.


  • What's included?

    • Set of 4 shock adsorbers
    • Adjustable front top mounts
    • Solid rear top mounts
    • Spring kit (spring rate based on application)
    • Toolkit 
    • Product Certificate 
  • Fitting

    Please ensure that this product is fitted by a trained professional. Our experienced team offer a range of fitting services at our workshop in the South West, England. 

  • Disclaimer

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