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Improve drivability whilst enhancing the look of your vehicle with our range of premium performance parts. Including brands we trust for their quality, reliability and performance.

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Car Tuning and Servicing

From servicing and simple upgrades to car remapping, chip tuning, ECU remapping and dyno rolling road power runs, we offer a range of car services.


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Performance Exhaust Systems and Custom Exhausts

What is an exhaust? What is an exhausts function? An exhaust system, in a nutshell, is a component that carries exhaust fumes produced by the engine away from the car to be expelled into the air.  The engine burns fuel (petrol/diesel) and from this these waste gases are created.  In the same way a log […]

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What is an ECU?

The ECU also known as the Electronic Control Unit or as some refer to as “Engine Control Units” (Electronic Control Unit is actual correct term) is a computer within  a vehicle that controls how other components work.  In a nutshell it is a computer with software installed and this software can be removed, changed, upgraded […]

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A Guide to Track and Race Car Chassis Setup – including Setup Tips 

Given the range of adjustments that can be made to a track or race car, to find that sweet spot of optimum performance, handling, and reliability, it can be difficult to know where to start. Vehicle setups are variable for a variety of reasons, ranging from weather, driver preference and racetrack characteristics. Start with our guide […]

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