performance exhaust systems custom exhausts

Performance Exhaust Systems and Custom Exhausts

What is an exhaust? What is an exhausts function? An exhaust system, in a nutshell, is a component that carries exhaust fumes produced by the engine away from the car to be expelled into the air.  The engine burns fuel (petrol/diesel) and from this these waste gases are created.  In the same way a log […]

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what is an ecu

What is an ECU?

The ECU also known as the Electronic Control Unit or as some refer to as “Engine Control Units” (Electronic Control Unit is actual correct term) is a computer within  a vehicle that controls how other components work.  In a nutshell it is a computer with software installed and this software can be removed, changed, upgraded […]

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A Guide to Track and Race Car Chassis Setup – including Setup Tips 

Given the range of adjustments that can be made to a track or race car, to find that sweet spot of optimum performance, handling, and reliability, it can be difficult to know where to start. Vehicle setups are variable for a variety of reasons, ranging from weather, driver preference and racetrack characteristics. Start with our guide […]

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How to Maintain Your Coilovers

Why should you get your coilovers serviced? You service your engine, brakes, and transmission as a matter of routine… and we know why those components require attention – but why service your dampers? Your suspension is constructed from hundreds of low tolerance components, including pistons, shims and rubber seals. Over time these parts have to […]

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Developing the NEW Toyota GR Yaris

One of the most talked about hot hatches of the last 2 years, the eagerly awaited Toyota GR Yaris is now reaching customers. Building on the excitement of the GRMN Limited Edition from a couple of years ago, the new GR Yaris has firmly planted itself as a force to be reckoned with glowing reviews […]

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