bmw tuning

BMW Tuning

BMW vehicles are incredibly popular to tune. The variety of durable engines and models provides many tuneable cars being available for any budget.

BMW e39 m5 tuning
BMW e39 m5 tuning


BMW stands for “Baertschi Motoren Werke GmbH” which roughly translates to the “Bavarian Engine Works Company”.  Known for their high-quality manufacturing of vehicles in all categories, from day to day to high performance BMW is one of the most popular brands in the world.

The benefit of BMW having great production quality is that many of their cars are still on the road today.  It’s not uncommon to see a BMW e30 model or older still cruising around, going about their day-to-day business.

BMW e30 tuning
BMW e30 tuning

BMW performance cars often outlast many other brands. The incredibly popular e36 m3 has a reputation to this day of one of the best driver’s cars in the world.

BMW e36 m3 tuning
BMW e36 M3 tuning

Models such as the e46 m3 were designed with performance in mind but had the drivability and safety measures in place so that an inexperienced driver could use it daily (which many did and still do!).

BMW e46 tuning
BMW e46 tuning

These are only a few of the popular BMW models, the list is vast and includes diesel models like the 335d and all M models (M2, M3, M4, M5, M6) to name a few.

BMW Car Tuning Specialists

When tuning BMW cars there are changes you can make to the vehicle that apply to nearly all models available but the main changes for maximum power production will usually come from upgrading the engine/drivetrain components.  This topic is complex, but we have made a basic overview in a flow chart to help guide you in how you can tune your BMW.  If you would like help deciding on where to start or to go next with your vehicle feel free to reach out here and we will contact you to discuss options.

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BMW Tuning Process

bmw tuning in the uk

BMW Tuning Parts UK

There is huge number of BMW tuning parts available in the UK.  Due to the popularity of BMW vehicles, options come from wide range of products from different manufacturers.  This unfortunately means a wide range production quality, reliability and performance alongside large price differences for parts. This makes it choosing products a bit of a minefield.

Luckily, we at Cooksport have a passion for BMW vehicles on and off the track.  You can view our BMW performance parts here.  If you are unsure about which part to install, feel free to reach out to us as we would be happy to help.

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BMW Tuning Packages

We offer a wide range of packages for tuning BMW vehicles.  They can vary from basic air filter change all the way through to forged engine components/turbo kit upgrades.

We provide custom builds for road and track and love to provide tuning and maintenance services for all.  We work with performance tuning fanatics, with specific goals in mind, professional race teams, track day drivers (beginners and experienced) and everyone through to those that just love their car and wants to make some improvements to their driving experience.

As everybody’s requirements are unique, we recommend that you reach out to us with some details, and we can discuss options to ensure

BMW Tuning Specialists / BMW Tuning Companies

We at Cooksport are vehicle performance tuning and motorsport specialist.  We work with all types of vehicles, from daily driving vehicles all the way through to British Touring Cars and international endurance vehicles. With this we specialise in providing BMW performance Tuning.  Out of the range of vehicles that visit us to be prepared or upgraded at Cooksport, BMWs are one of the favourites. BMW vehicles are capable of being exceptionally well tuned to increase power and overall performance and there is a huge range of tuning options for most models no matter the age of the car. This means that BMW provides road and race opportunities for people from all walks of life, from the layman to the professional driver.  This is what we love about BMW. We regularly have BMW vehicles on our dyno/rolling road and in our workshop for performance tuning for road and track. We offer a wide range of products for BMWs that we recommend and are always happy to discuss your vehicle and personal goals for tuning it.

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Tune Your Car With Our Dyno Rolling Road

BMW Diesel Tuning

BMW diesel vehicles are a favourite when it comes to tuning. Not only is there a diesel option for nearly every model in the BMW range, but the tunability of the engine often allows large power and torque increases with some simple modifications.  Making tuning BMW vehicles more attractive is that in most cases the large power and torque changes often can leave the vehicle with reasonable fuel economy! Some of the 335d engines are considered by some as the best balance of performance and fuel economy and are used by many performance car enthusiasts as “daily driving” cars. On the flip side some consider this their engine of tuning choice when it comes to performance tuning. The TDI engines (Turbo Diesel Injection) comes with options of straight 3, 4 and 6. A great example of simple modification creating dramatic increases in power in the BMW TDI engine is performing a remap of the ECU alongside a rolling road dyno analysis.

The 2012 onwards model of the BMW 335d, with remap of ECU changes BHP from an already respectable 308bhp to near 400bhp and torque from 465ft/lb to 570ft/lb! This alongside most reporting an economy in the 30mpg (if driving sensibly). This modification does need to be carried out using a dyno/rolling road to ensure the map is correct for that vehicle but is considered a simple upgrade with huge benefits in performance.

BMW 335d tuning
BMW 335d tuning

We love to prepare and tune BMW diesel vehicles at Cooksport so if you own or are thinking of owning one and want to discuss options for tuning your car for performance feel free to get in touch.

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