Following months of planning and development, we are delighted to introduce our 3000sqft expansion, housing our brand-new Dyno Cell with a state-of-the-art Dyno Dynamics Dynotech 4WD Dyno. 

Every detail of our Dyno Cell has been carefully designed to ensure consistent and reliable analysis, from the efficient air circulation system to the exhaust and waste air extraction. 

Based in the South West, close to Bath and Bristol, we are ideally placed to take care of all your performance tuning needs in a purpose-built environment.


Power Runs

Are you looking to establish whether your vehicle is making the power it should? Or determine whether a new modification is making the difference you need?

A full throttle power test at Cooksport will determine brake horsepower (bhp) and torque. To book a session on our rolling road please contact us.

£60 + VAT – BOOK NOW

Where diagnostics are required to fault find, our diagnostic labour rate of £100 per hour plus VAT will apply.


About the Dyno Dynamics Dynotech 4WD Dyno

The world-renowned Dyno Dynamics has been designing and manufacturing chassis dynamometers and engine dynamometers for over 25 years.

Our brand-new Dynotech 4WD Dyno is rated at 1850 kW or 2500 HP at the wheels per axle in graphing mode and 925 kW or 1250HP at the wheels per axle in steady state mode.

 Graphs are drawn in real time and plotted live to the screen, which is extremely important, if a car runs lean you can see it instantly, other parameters can be displayed, including, Lambda, air/fuel ratio, intake air temp, vacuum or boost in absolute or gauge pressure, maximum power and torque at set RPM, and much, much more.

 We are able to cater for most vehicles on the road today, including:

  • Rear wheel drive vehicles
  • Front wheel drive vehicles
  • 4-wheel/all-wheel drive vehicles