The Cooksport Dyno Rolling Road

Following months of planning and development, we are delighted to introduce our 3000sqft expansion, housing our brand-new Dyno Cell with a state-of-the-art Dyno Dynamics Dynotech 4WD Dyno. Based in the South West, close to Bath and Bristol, we are ideally placed to take care of all your performance tuning needs in a purpose-built environment.


Here at Cooksport hundreds of hours of planning and construction has taken place to ensure our exact specifications and vision or our Rolling Road/Dyno has been met.  At Cooksport we are passionate about cars and car performance. Providing a safe and accurate environment for a cars performance to be measured is important and our rolling road has been designed and set up to simulate a car in real world conditions.  When assessing a cars performance, aside from sitting on the bonnet whilst going 70 mph on a motorway or faster around a track (which we strongly do not recommend!), it is hard to observe how a car is behaving under load.  This is where a rolling road comes into play.  It allows quick analysis and repetition/measurement of a cars performance in a controlled and measurable environment.

The time we have spent creating our Rolling Road/Dyno has been incredibly important. Every detail of our Dyno Cell has been carefully designed to ensure consistent and reliable analysis, from the efficient air circulation system to the exhaust and waste air extraction. The design of the dyno cell is equally if not more important than the test equipment itself. Dyno testing equipment without the correct environment is like a surgeon operating with his sterilised operating utensils in a operating room covered in dirt. A poorly designed dyno/rolling road and cell can actually skew the results that a car produces and can negatively affect the performance of the car.

dynotech rolling road

Cooksport Dyno Power Runs

Are you looking to establish whether your vehicle is making the power it should? Or determine whether a new modification is making the difference you need?

A full throttle power test at Cooksport will determine brake horsepower (bhp) and torque. To book a session on our rolling road please contact us.

£72 – BOOK NOW

Where diagnostics are required to fault find, our diagnostic labour rate of £150 per hour will apply.

Prices quoted include VAT.

About the Dyno Dynamics Dynotech 4WD Dyno

The world-renowned Dyno Dynamics has been designing and manufacturing chassis dynamometers and engine dynamometers for over 25 years.

Our brand-new Dynotech 4WD Dyno is rated at 1850 kW or 2500 HP at the wheels per axle in graphing mode and 925 kW or 1250HP at the wheels per axle in steady state mode.

Graphs are drawn in real time and plotted live to the screen, which is extremely important, if a car runs lean you can see it instantly, other parameters can be displayed, including, Lambda, air/fuel ratio, intake air temp, vacuum or boost in absolute or gauge pressure, maximum power and torque at set RPM, and much, much more.

 We are able to cater for most vehicles on the road today, including:

  • Rear wheel drive vehicles
  • Front wheel drive vehicles
  • 4-wheel/all-wheel drive vehicles

dyno rolling road


Frequenty Asked Questions

What is a Rolling Road?

A dyno/rolling road is a set of testing equipment and machinery in a specifically controlled environment that tests a cars power output and performance under load. A car is fitted to the measuring equipment as secured onto the rollers. Then with airflow, temperature and exhaust extraction (among many other things) being controlled the car on the dyno/rolling road is set up to create a simulation of of a real driving environment.  The cars performance can be analysed, adjusted, then retested to accurately assess or diagnose issues the car may have before fixing.  It can be used just to measure a cars power output or it can be used to diagnose issues with a vehicle.  A favoured use of a dyno/rolling road is to test a cars performance with the dyno equipment, change the car in some way (an ECU Remap, new turbo/intercooler etc) then retest to assess how much power the car has gained. These adjustments can be made and retested over and over until wanted car performance is achieved. These measurements can be logged and printed for reference such as the example dyno graph below:

dyno rolling road graph

Why use a Rolling road? What are the Benefits?

By using. Rolling road/dyno, specialists can,In close to real world simulation test and diagnose a care under load.  An example explaining this would be car having a fault on road at certain rpm, speed or load that would you may not be able to pick up or assess when driving. Or a driver or mechanic may report a fault, sound, or strange behaviour of the car at a very specific time, rpm, etc.   The rolling road allows the car to simulate the situation, in a controllled and safe environment producing data alongside a trainer operative.  Changes can be made after diagnosis and immediately be retested and the process repeated in quick time.

If you add a new component to a car a rolling road/dyno can be used before and after to provide data on performance improvement.  If remapping the same applies, the ecu can be mapped to change engine control and a rolling road can be then used to analyse the performance change.  All this data can be printed for proof of performance for immediate analysis or car history file.

What does a Rolling Road Dyno BHP test cost?

A power run on the rolling road starts from £72. People often refer to a Power Run on a rolling road as a rolling road dyne BHP test.  A power run will give you more than just a cars BHP and will be accurate if performed in a real driving simulated cell.

£72 – BOOK NOW

What is a Rolling Road power run?

A rolling road power run involves measuring engine power and torque.  The car if fitted onto the rolling road and will be measured under load in an environment closely mimicking real driving conditions.  This may be done on its own or may be used before or after changing a cars components .It provides a data reading of the power output of the car in a controlled, real driving condition simulated environment.

When we perform a power run on a car we record:

  • BHP and Torque at the wheels
  • Air/Fuel Mix
  • BHP and Toque at the Flywheel
  • Boost pressure/intake charge pressure (if the car has forced induction)

All these variable are measured, compared, and plotted against each other providing a clear picture of the car’s performance. This data can be printed/stored and compared. A power run is often used as as a type of health check on a car before it is modified (ECU remap or new component added etc)

What is a Rolling Road remap?

A rolling road /dyno remap is where we put a car on the rolling road and a power run is performed testing specific data from the car including power/torque (“see what is a rolling road power run?” Above for more information).  A remap of the ECU (Engine Control Unit) is then performed where the ECU software is “remapped” or upgraded/adjusted to produce optimal performance and increase the engine’s power output, economy, or durability. See our page covering ECU tuning and remapping to learn more about this.  Following this we perform another Power Run that provides data on the increases in engine performance such as BHP etc. this can be printed in graph format for proof of performance improvement.

Dyno Terms and Conditions

Please review our terms and conditions for our Dyno rolling road here: