ECU Tuning / ECU Remaps

The most cost-effective way to transform the performance of your car is using the original (OEM) ECU. By updating the calibration of the ECU, we can unlock that hidden potential within your vehicle in a non-intrusive way. Before and after power run documentation is supplied. We can perform ECU remapping on Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Audi/VW/SEAT, Honda, Renault, Hyundai and all main car manufacturers.

Prices start from £395 EX VAT


Aftermarket ECU Mapping

We can also remap vehicles fitted with an aftermarket ECU – just get in touch and let us know which ECU you have to discuss the options. Before and after power run documentation is supplied.

Prices on request. 


Before You Start

A thorough vehicle health check with an OBD faultfinder and initial dyno run should be carried out before any ECU tuning is started. Even seemingly healthy cars often throw up fault codes, which can affect the performance of any performance ECU software. 


Mobile Car Remapping and Tuning

If you do not want to bring your car to us we now offer a collect and return mobile car remapping service where we will collection your car, remap and or tune the car using our state of the art dyno/rolling road, then return the car to you with a full report.

What is ECU Tuning?

Engine tuning is the adjustment or modification of the internal combustion engine or Engine Control Unit (ECU) to produce optimal performance and increase the engine’s power output, economy, or durability.

Can a Remap be reversed?

If for any reason you would like your vehicle returned to standard/its original settings, the process is fully reversable without trace. In many cases, the enhanced performance may help when you come to sale your vehicle.

How to Remap My Car?

Click the booking link below to start the process and remap your car.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does “remapping a car” mean? What does “remapping a car” do?

“Remapping a Car”  is the same thing as ”ECU Tuning” and performing an “ECU Remap”.  It involves modifying the software on the ECU of a car (Engine Control Unit).  The ECU is a computer inside the car that controls how the components of the car work.  This can be fuel, air, ignition timing, throttle among other things.  A specialist will plug a computer into the car’s ECU and remove the software programme or the “Map” that is currently installed and install an upgraded replacement that controls the car in a different way.  This new “Map” or “programme” can be highly specific and may increase power output (BHP/Torque etc) or may make the car more economical.  Cars that are manufactured for road use will often have a “Map installed” that ensured the car meets certain criteria for regulation.  This could be to provide the best economy, or to meet emissions, or a certain driving style.  By changing the “Map” on the ECU by “Remapping” the car it means the factory standard performance can be changed.   It’s not well known that a lot of car models have the same hardware as their more expensive and more powerful counterparts in the range but the only difference between them is the software(map) on the car.  In this situation, if your car is a lower power and cheaper model in the range from factory, it can have the ECU “remapped” and immediately meet the same, if not more, power than the more expensive and powerful model in the range.  . The amount a car changes depends on the model/engine, but a trustworthy specialist would be able to give advice on this before you decide on what to change on your car.  A “Power Run” on a Dyno/Rolling Road before and after is needed for safety but also for accurate set up of a car that is being Remapped.  See our section on Car Power Runs for more information. Feel free to give us a call if you wish to talk about “Remapping” your car.

Will remapping my car make it louder?

No remapping a car does not make it louder.  The car’s engine may act differently producing more RPM (Revs per minute) at different and producing more power but does not make it louder.  Components like exhaust systems being changed can increase how loud a car is and this may need a remap of the ecu to work optimally but it is still only the exhaust that is the cause of the change in loudness.

Will remapping my car damage it?

If your car is remapped by a specialist the Map installed will be matched to the rest of the car allowing it to function at the required level.  The components of a car must be able to handle the Map that is installed on the car’s ECU.  If this isn’t done the cars components may not be able to handle the stress of the increased power and may wear or brake. If your car is not remapped by a specialist there is a risk that a car being Remapped may cause damage to the car and its components. This is where it is key that the Mapping specialist will use a high spec Dyno/Rolling Road like the one we have at Cooksport Ltd. to perform a power run before and after to ensure a map is running the car correctly. On the other hand, upgraded components on car may need the ECU map upgraded via “Remapping” to get the most out of the new part.  In lots of cases, as mentioned in “what does remapping a car mean?” above, a lot of car ranges actually have the same components and the faster cars in the range only have a different “map” on their ECU that tells the engine to perform at a higher level.  This means the lower power car actually can be remapped to gain the same if not more power AND has the same components that were designed to run at the higher power already from the factory as evident by the more powerful model sharing these parts!

What are the pros and cons of remapping a car? Is Remapping a car good or bad?

This is a common thought or question.  Below we will discuss the pros and cons or remapping your car.  If you would like to discuss remapping your car, please feel free to reach out to us on +44 01761 439098 or contact us.

What are the disadvantages of remapping a car?

If performed by a specialist in the correct environment including Dyno/rolling road beforehand there aren’t many perceived disadvantages of remapping a car.  One that may be a consideration for some is that as it is a modification of a car then it is recommended that insurers are informed.

What are the advantages of remapping a car?

The advantages of remapping a car can be plentiful. First of all, by checking the car’s ECU has the correct Map installed it can ensure proper ECU control of the car for its optimum function.  The change that upgrading a map by remapping a will depend on the goal in the first place.  Some want more power, some want better economy, some want the driving style to change or behave in a different way and the list goes on and all these outcomes are the advantage the driver is looking for.  When components are upgraded on the car for more power or for another purpose the ECU having the map upgraded or altered to match the new components allows the car to use them correctly. An ECU not being remapped when a new component is added is like giving someone a complex tool without teaching them how to use it correctly.  The ECU being remapped is like immediately installing the knowledge and experience of using this new tool into that person ready to use it correctly.  If you have ever watched “The Matrix” when they upload software into the characters to immediately know “Kung Fu”, you get the idea.

Is remapping a car legal?

Yes, remapping a car is legal.

Can insurance tell if a car is remapped?

In theory with very complex and lengthily investigation and with the correct equipment insurers can get an idea of whether a cars ECU has been remapped. It is difficult and highly unlikely.  Car’s “software” or “Map” installed on the ECU is often wiped and then reinstalled during servicing or maintenance on a car. This will show up on an ECU “Flash” notification showing it has been wiped at some point.  As this is common during a cars life however it does not indicate if a car has been “remapped” as it does not show the map itself.  This aside an ECU being “Remapped” classifies as a car modification, so we recommend you inform your insurer.

What is a Car remap calculator?

We will soon have a Car Remap Calculator in which you can insert the model and year of your car and it will give you an estimated power increase if you remap the car.

Remapping car for fuel economy

As explained in “What does remapping a car mean?” above.  The software installed on the ECU of a car controls how the car works.  If the aim of the car owner is to improve fuel economy the car ECU can be remapped to control the cars performance so that it drives in a way that is optimal for being the most economical I.e., using the least fuel during its required use over time.  Sometimes cars can gain better fuel economy and more power by the map adjusting the power delivery at certain point during the load on the engine.

What is a stage 1 remap?

When people refer to a “Stage one remap” or even “Stage two or three remap” it actually isn’t a recognised classification of tuning. It is used by some to group tuning into cookie cutter style groups of descriptions. An example being you may often hear “stage one tuning” being described as a remap of ECU only and “stage 2 remap” being a remap of ECU and an exhaust upgrade. So if you happen to read or hear that a car acted in a certain way after they had a “stage 1 remap” it may give you an idea that they had the car ECU remapped. The fact is ECU remapping itself is not just one possibly change, there are hundreds of Map options that can installed on the ECU endless and may even make a car worse /put it at risk of damage if not performed correctly. This is why a specialist using a power run on a rolling road before and after a map is performed to ensure the right outcome of car performance. In reality if discussing tuning with a skilled tuning specialist you will quickly understand, if you do not already, that tuning a car is so specific that attempting to group into stages really doesn’t apply. The make, year, model, car components, and required use/purpose of car will be the things you discuss and taken into account when discussing with the specialist tuning your car reach the outcome that you want. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss tuning your car.