ECU Tuning / ECU Remaps

The most cost-effective way to transform the performance of your car is using the original (OEM) ECU. By updating the calibration of the ECU, we can unlock that hidden potential within your vehicle in a non-intrusive way. Before and after power run documentation is supplied.

Prices start from £395 EX VAT


Aftermarket ECU Mapping

We can also remap vehicles fitted with an aftermarket ECU – just get in touch and let us know which ECU you have to discuss the options. Before and after power run documentation is supplied.

Prices on request. 


Before You Start

A thorough vehicle health check with an OBD faultfinder and initial dyno run should be carried out before any ECU tuning is started. Even seemingly healthy cars often throw up fault codes, which can affect the performance of any performance ECU software. 


What is ECU Tuning?

Engine tuning is the adjustment or modification of the internal combustion engine or Engine Control Unit (ECU) to produce optimal performance and increase the engine’s power output, economy, or durability.

Can a Remap be reversed?

If for any reason you would like your vehicle returned to standard/its original settings, the process is fully reversable without trace. In many cases, the enhanced performance may help when you come to sale your vehicle.