exhaust tips and trims

Exhaust Tips and Exhaust Trims

What is an exhaust tip/trim?

The exhaust tip or trim, also known as the tailpipe, is the very end of the exhaust system that protrudes from the rear of the car.  It is the tip the furthest away from the engine and is the section that can be seen from the outside of your vehicle. It is a key component of how a vehicle looks.  Exhaust Tip Styling can be from one pipe to multiple pipes, carbon fibre, stainless steel, or a variety of shapes and colours.  It can give a car a specific style and drivers can choose to alter this by changing the exhaust tip.

Exhaust Tips/Trims are an upgrade that many drivers choose to carry out on their vehicle.  There are a number of brands of exhaust tip/trim and also different tips/trims with individual application. Some may choose a different design to improve aesthetics, others may want to change the sound of the exhaust.  It may be the case the original performance exhaust tip is damaged or worn and needs replacing.

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What is a Universal Exhaust Tip?

A universal exhaust tip is an upgrade that allows you to fit a custom tailpipe your current exhaust. You can purchase the type of exhaust tip you wish to have on your car and fit it to an exhaust even if it is a different brand or shape.  This type of upgrade is usually chosen when drivers do not want to replace the full exhaust system with a performance system and instead only want the appearance of having one.

Replacing or customising exhaust with an exhaust trim tip

When buying a performance exhaust there can be a choice of exhaust tips to choose from.  You can often choose an exhaust tip with a certain shape or material. This may be to match your cars colour or specific styling.

Many vehicle owners are not aware that they may have the option of replacing or upgrading the tailpipe/tip of their current exhaust.  Scorpion and Cobra exhausts are manufacturers that  offer replacement exhaust tips for their exhausts.  This means even if a car you have purchased has an exhaust fitted and needs a new tip due to wear or discolouring you can just install a new one.  Scorpion exhausts also offer branded exhaust tips to fit their performance systems.  They offer Ascari Tips that will fit on their exhaust systems to give a specialist look to the vehicle.

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