How to Maintain Your Coilovers

How to Maintain Your Coilovers

Why should you get your coilovers serviced?

You service your engine, brakes, and transmission as a matter of routine… and we know why those components require attention – but why service your dampers?

Your suspension is constructed from hundreds of low tolerance components, including pistons, shims and rubber seals. Over time these parts have to deal with high stresses and strains, including curb strikes and point loading.

How often do coilovers need servicing?

We recommend that AST Suspension

Road kits

are subject to a health check every 2 years or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first).  This health check inspection will indicate whether your suspension requires a full re-build/service.

To ensure your suspension is operating at its peak performance we recommend that AST and MOTON Suspension

Competition / Race kits

receive an annual service.  We know that racing comes down to tenths and thousandths of second and your suspensions condition can make the difference.

How to Maintain Your Coilovers

What does a coilover service include?

Our service includes the following steps:

  • Firstly, we check the suspension into our Service Centre with a job card and will notify you that it has arrived safely.
  • Each damper is cleaned before it reaches the Technician’s bay to remove any mud, water, or salt that can take its toll on your suspension.
  • A full visual inspection against Technical drawings will highlight whether anything is missing or an obvious concern. Any settings are recorded to ensure, where possible, your suspension is returned on the setting it was received.
  • We test each damper on our Roehrig damper dyno to ensure it is operational throughout its adjustment range and correctly matched to the appropriate counterpart(s).
  • From this point, each damper is stripped down to their individual components to ensure that they are all in working condition and within tolerance. We check each bearing and bush for excessive play, and if any part of the unit does not pass our quality control process, we will notify you before we carry out the replacement of any additional parts.
  • Once the inspection is completed, we replace all serviceable parts which includes but is not limited to, oil, o-rings, shims, Teflon strip and seals.
  • Once built back up, a final run on our Roehrig damper dyno will check that the rebuilt damper is operational throughout its adjustment range and correctly matched to the appropriate counterpart(s).

You will receive a copy of the Roehrig damper dyno graphs, before and after service, to demonstrate the difference in performance.

How to Maintain Your Coilovers

Where can I get my suspension serviced?

Here at Cooksport, we are proud to be the only AST and MOTON Suspension Service Centre in the UK able to supply genuine AST and MOTON Suspension components built in Holland. Using non-genuine parts can cause damage to your suspension, cause a loss of performance and in some cases, total failure.

Our purpose-built Service Centre is located in the South West of England.

Unit 4 Wellsway Works
Wells Road

How long does it take to get my coilovers serviced?

Typically, our health check inspection will take just 1-2 working days, and an annual service or re-build just 3-5 working days.

If you have an urgent requirement, we can also offer a ‘while you wait’ service upon request, and where possible we will work to meet your deadline.

Booking in for a suspension service

An appointment is not necessary, unless you plan to wait on site while the work is undertaken.

In most cases, suspension is removed from the car and sent in the post, or hand delivered. Once removed from the vehicle, your suspension should be securely and tightly packaged. Always include a cover note with your contact details, including return address, vehicle make and model, and detail any issues you are experiencing if appropriate.

How to Maintain Your Coilovers

Alternatively, if needed, we offer a removal and re-install/setup geometry service in the workshop. Please get in contact to make an appointment.
01761 439098

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