What is Mobile Car Remapping?

As previously mentioned “car remapping” is where the current software on the car’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit or Engine control Unit) is removed and a new, different, software programme is uploaded.  As the ECU controls how the engine works, the change in software will the way things like timing, spark, fuel and air intake are controlled within the engine.

During this process the vehicle needs to be tested under load in simulated driving conditions to ensure that the calibration or map is safe for your car’s engine and drive train.  This is achieved with the use of rolling road/dyno whilst a map is installed.  The vehicle will be secured to the dyno/rolling road and its performance analysed whist simulating driving conditions.  A map will be installed and performance tested and after the analysis the map will be changed again, each time an engineer assessing the effect on the cars performance and repeated again etc.  Through this process the correct map will be found for the optimal and safe running of the car.  The new “map/software” must be customised to the car even if a car is the same model, year etc the map is usually not the same.

Why is Traditional Mobile Car Remapping Bad?

This is where someone remapping your car plugs in their computer and uploading a map based on the fact it worked on another car of the same make/year/model, this is unsafe and a bad way of remapping a car.  This unfortunately is what most “Mobile Car Remapping” services offer with their customers being reassured by them that this is safe because it is convenient and commonly performed in this way. Although common it is certainly not safe. The unfortunate reality is that any person can buy the software and a laptop that can plug into a car’s ecu and wipe and remap the software. There are even established businesses that provide “Mobile Car Remapping” in this unsafe way.  You can see why it is a minefield for customers trying to navigate when choosing a car remap, and unfortunately many people simply go for the least expensive option, which is most likely the wrong choice.

Mobile Car Remapping Done Right

Here at Cooksport we offer the only safe way of Remapping your car with the convenience of a “mobile remapping service”.  We will come and collect your car bring it back to our performance facilities where our engineers will install you car onto our rolling road/dyno.  Using this specialist equipment our engineers will find the exact map that fits your car by repeated testing of the car in a driving simulated environment.  A map will be installed, the car tested on the rolling road/dyno and analysed, a slightly different map will be installed and tested again until the perfect map for the car is found.

Our specialists and rolling road/dyno are located in the southwest near Bath. Many of our customers, to save time, prefer to use the collection and delivery service that we offer. We collect the car securely from the customer’s location and redeliver the vehicle once Cooksport has tuned, analysed and upgraded it..  They find that this no-stress service is preferable for them with communication from our team before, during and after the specified service is carried out.  In some cases vehicles can be collected and delivered back to our customers within 24 hours (depending on requirement) so please feel free to contact us if you would like to enquire about this service.

What Locations Do We Cover?

At Cooksport Ltd we are based in the South West near Bath but we have customers all over the UK.  We can collect and deliver a vehicle anywhere in the UK for not only our car mapping service but also any other car performance, tuning, or maintenance need.

How Much Does it Cost To Get The Car Collected/Delivered?

Depending on your location the collection and delivery service cost will vary.  The further you are from the southwest generally the cost will be higher but to discuss please fill out this form or give us a call.

How Much Does Mobile Car Remapping Cost?

At Cooksport our car remapping service includes all the needed equipment and processes required to remap a car safely and optimally.  As mentioned above the engineers use our specialist dyno/rolling road to test and retest the car, mapping and remapping the ecu unitl until the unique, customised map is found for your vehicle.  Customers receive a copy of the mapping showing power and performance changes of the vehicle.  Here is an outline of our costs below but please feel free to give us a call if you are thinking about remapping your vehicle.


Service Price(all prices exclude Vat)
Ecu Remap-Standard ECU From £395
ECU Remap-Aftermarket ECU From £445
Power Run (Full throttle power test to determine Break Horse Power (BHP) and Torque (Ft/Lb) at both wheel and flywheel) £60
Diagnostic Labour Rate (Where diagnostics are required to fault find) £125 per hour


Please give us a call or fill out a contact form to discuss a quote +44 (0) 1761 439098


Mobile Car Tuning Services

“Mobile car tuners“ is a term that usually describes a mobile mechanic that will travel to your location and perform work on your driveway/ at the parked location.

In the same way mechanical work can be limited outside of a workshop (this is why most mechanics need a ramp/workshop for more than basic jobs), so can tuning a car in this way.

When components are upgraded, ECU is remapped, or if a car is substantially tuned in any way a rolling road should be used to safely analyse the performance of the car before and after.  This is for optimal and safe functioning of the vehicle.

There are of course individuals or businesses offering mobile tuning or remapping services that will come to your house to perform work on the car.  For replacing components like for like or maintenance work this is often suitable but when something is changed that affects the performance of a vehicle, the car needs to be analysed for proper safe functioning.  Using a dyno/rolling road like we have at Cooksport a car can be assessed before and after tuning upgrades to allow correct and safe function of the vehicle.

At Cooksport Ltd we offer a door to door collection service for all of our services. We will collect your vehicle, carry out the required tuning upgrade work on your vehicle and return to you once completed. This includes race/track care preparation.