Audi A3 Control Arm Lower Complete Alloy Assembly – DuroBall


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These arms have inbuilt caster and camber change and are designed to move the lower ball joint forward and out to increase the caster by 1 Degree and induce a negative camber change of up to 0.5 Degrees.

These enhancements are the optimal settings over standard to produce a better handling vehicle.

SuperPro has stringently tested these control arms on the Golf 7 GTi, R and Audi A3 RS3 in both standard configuration and with lowered springs.

The sub frame in these vehicles has no positive location and there is a lot of movement allowable in the bolt holes. Therefore, it is critical that sub frame is not misaligned during re-installation. For this reason and for proper clearance it is critical the sub frame be in the most rearward position when torqued up. These arms have not been tested with any aftermarket engine mount packages that may cause a sub frame misalignment and care must be taken.

The recommended lowered front centre of the wheel is 330mm. See fitting instruction for more

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Model Variant

1.2 TFSI

Chassis Number

MK3 8V1 3-Door Hatchback

Model Year

2014- 0

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Delivery in 1-3 working days.

Delivery Details

Delivery in 1-3 working days.


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