At Cooksport we offer a full race car preparation service and trackside support service.

Race Car Preparation

Our engineers will analyse and prepare race cars to required championship regulations. If customers choose, can often continue to provide ongoing care of the vehicle throughout a season. We organise post event set down and flow into preparation for next races adjusting accordingly for chosen track/expected conditions.

Trackside Support Service

Alongside Race Preparation we also offer trackside support service. Our specialist motorsport engineers will be trackside supporting drivers and their vehicles throughout the race event.  They will take responsibility for the car allowing the driver to focus on the main job at hand, the racing.  They will perform all required checks and maintenance throughout the event and can work with the driver to make any required set up adjustments based on driver feedback between sessions.  Depending on series or championship they cover any pitstop or repairs required creating a smooth, fully supported, racing experience. Our team is highly experienced and have provided these services across all areas of motorsport from club racing, British Touring Car, Formula 1 and everything in between.

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