“I’m always really happy with the friendly and knowledgeable service I get from Cooksport, they always do a quality job, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to work on my Clio track car.”
Chris Burnham, Renault Clio Mk3 track car

“After seeing how thorough and the extensive effort the guys and girls at Cooksport went to with my car, I refuse to visit any other garage now! Their knowledge is second to none – they really helped me tailor build my car exactly the way I wanted it. From simple servicing down to complete race car build, I won’t be going anywhere else other than Cooksport.”
Dan Bushell, Hyundai i30N

“The Cooksport team are a pleasure to deal with.
Enthusiastic, professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing the best possible solution within the given requirements. Their upgrade advice and willingness to go the extra mile have given my car a level of dynamic performance I hadn’t thought achievable within my budget. Thoroughly recommended for any fast road or track car enthusiast”

Nigel Wickens, BMW E90.

“I would highly recommend the Cooksport lowering springs for the Clio 200. I done a track day at Snetterton on standard cup suspension. And then done one with the Cooksport springs fitted and the difference was huge. A lot less body roll and carrying a lot more speed through the corners. Overall feel of the car is a lot more predictable and responsive. Very happy with the result!”
Adam Webberley, Renault Clio 200

“I bought a set of Cooksport springs for my Mk4 Clio 200 EDC. They give you not only the perfect ride height but also enhance the handling as proved at a recent Brands Hatch trackday.”
Richard Derrick, Renault Clio Mk4

“Cooksport is a fantastic place for any RenaultSport owner. The guys are all very knowledgeable about these cars, and so friendly. Will be returning soon for some engine work!”
Matt Fairbanks, Renault Clio 2

“I bought the car in stock form, after driving it for a couple of weeks I realised I wasn’t happy with how it drove. Two main issues stood out, firstly it was too hard a ride and secondly it had a lot of reverse rake which induced terrible amounts of understeer and wheel spin. Having fitted Cooksport springs to a previous Clio 182 I owned and being very happy with them I decided to purchase a set for the 200T. Once I ordered them I received them the very next day and proceeded to fit them to the car to which I was astounded by the difference it had made. Firstly the new ride height made the car look so much better but the main difference was how it drove, they had completely eliminated the horrible understeer and wheel spin and was much more compliant over bumpy roads. I am still running the Cooksport springs now with 300+hp, I highly recommend them to anyone looking at buying a set.”
Ollie Joy, Renault Clio 200T